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Marisa Soliz
April 18, 2017

7 Industry Leaders Share Insights on Innovative Design

INNOVATION LETTER in the middle of different things

When asking a designer what innovative design is you won't receive just one answer that everyone agrees on. Each creative mind is different, therefore, all of our opinions on what innovative design is can vary. At Kulture Konnect, we asked the people that influence us the most what they believe is innovative. 


MarisaSoliz photoInnovative design to me is whether or not the creative is new and something the world has yet to see.

We are in a time when  everything is so in your face in terms of advertising. When going about making something "innovative," you have to really think about a couple of things. What problem will this solve? Can this design stand the test of time? Is it outside of the spectrum of   what is already currently being done?

It’s important in design because it pushes other advertisements and products to be presented better. It could be the best working technology, but if the presentation of it is horrible, it won't produce any acknowledgment. I always go back to Apple being one of the most innovative companies in terms of showcasing their products. - Marisa Soliz - Graphic Designer at Kulture Konnect

Connect with Marisa Soliz

Website: Kulture Konnect

Alex photoEffectiveness.Useful. Aesthetic.Durable. Marketable.

Design has so many fields, looks and styles nowadays,  so many I’m not going to list them all. Bottom line, it’s “good design” and everyone has different views and qualifications on what “good design” actually is.

Alex Ponce - APCreative


Connect with Alex Ponce:

Website: APCreative

Instagram: @apcreative_

Twitter: @APCreative_

Innovation, by and large, often elicits notions of something elaborate, bold, and groundbreaking.

Something grand and extraordinarily ambitious. However, in design, even the subtlety of a clever idea can be innovative. How does one articulate its definition? Is the holy grail of innovative design simply that perfect intersection of form and function? While there are certainly shared characteristics (aesthetics, ingenuity, etc.), there isn’t necessarily a definitive checklist.

Paulo Lapuz photoFirst and foremost, it should provide a solution at its very core to the problem for which it was intended. But perhaps in its pursuit to do so, it manages to carve a new path, even if it is down a road that’s already been paved. It can still generate an element of surprise and a sense of freshness; yet expose a larger truth that’s intrinsic to how we interact with anything around us. It’s that perfect amalgamation of concept, execution and delivery. As a designer, it means being challenged on a creative level beyond the superficial that pushes you to an unexplored part of your mind.

Quite simply, it creates engagement that has lasting functionality and produces a meaningful effect on how we live and how we perceive things, even in the most subtle of ways. It is thoughtful and purposeful risk-taking. To me, that’s the ultimate hallmark of innovative design.

Paulo Lapuz - Creative Director at Paulo Lapuz Design

Connect with Paulo Lapuz:

Website: Paulo Lapuz Design

LinkedIn: Paulo Lapuz

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Innovative design is not about something new, something different, something that has never been done or something that disrupts the current or last trend.

Innovative design can be simple yet impactful. It should provide even the most menial solution to the person who will be using the design or creation.

J. Reiner Martinez photoIt does not have to be pretty because, as they say, beauty fades and another person can create something better aesthetically. But it should be sustainable, in form and in function.

I am actually careful of using the word “innovative” in our designs and concept. I think “innovative” is overestimated and is insincere. Almost, if not all ideas and designs, are expected to be innovative. But what stands out are creations that are surprisingly practical to human beings and those that tell us what we don’t realize or what we tend to forget-- that we always want to be different but we end up wanting the same things.

J. Reiner Martinez - Reiner & Co, Inc. | Cafe Communications

Connect with J. Reiner Martinez:

LinkedIn: J. Reiner Martinez

Website: Cafe Communications

Facebook: Cafe Communications

A year ago I was engaged to launch a brand within a brand. The meta-brand was an on-demand private aviation services company in Manila, Philippines. Within this, we created a new product that is known in North America, but non-existent in the Southeast Asian region. We introduced fractional ownership programs for helicopters. Furthermore, we co-launched a companion product for Rolls Royce cars, and gave clients the option to divide their interest between piloted helicopter use, and chauffeured luxury limousines. This was the only known fractional program that gave access to high value assets both in the air and on the road anywhere in the world. It had a definite appeal to a certain (very rarified) market segment.

David Cook photoIn order to launch the brand, we organized a black-tie cocktail party. We set out to be the talk of the town, and transported real helicopters by truck into the venue. We paired them with Rolls Royce cars. The event was hosted by Moet Philippines. We encouraged guests to play with the "toys" and a large number of selfies ended up on celebrity social media accounts. We got further long-tail effects from features in a half-dozen national media outlets, which more than paid for the cost of the event.

While none of this was unheard of, it was widely regarded as an innovative launch.

First, we launched a brand with a product that had an innovative set of features and benefits. Second, we went out of our way to create buzz with a "jaw dropping" set for the launch party. This generated considerable publicity with both Influencer social media exposure, as well as valuable column space in print media. Mission accomplished!  And we had a successful take-off for a new brand.

David Cook - Managing Director of Aerohub Aviation Services

ChenWang on a beach photoAs designers, we are living in the best time. Not only because of technical development, but also the awareness of how design thinking can improve a product, an operating system, a company, or even one’s life.

Innovative design means #Re-think, with the evaluation of new technology, new living environment, and changing lifestyle to find new design solutions that are original and more effective.

-  Chen Wang - Professor at California State University, Fullerton for Graphic Design and Visual Arts Department

Connect with Chen Wang:

CSUF: Chen Wang

LinkedIn: Chen Wang

My take on innovative design most likely differs from graphic designers and artists. 

Webster’s defines innovation as making changes or introducing something new or novel. Due to my career being spent on the Account Service side of the advertising industry, that definition brings risk into the equation. Clients today are so focused on return on investment and instant gratification, many shy away from anything that is innovative, including design. Instead, they gravitate to proven strategies and vanilla creative. Using the analogy to ice cream, vanilla isn’t anyone’s favorite, but rarely does someone dislike it or become offended when it’s served to them. Whereas serving Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt risks alienating a segment of your audience and potentially having to weather a backlash. Think Coca Cola’s introduction of New Coke in the 1980’s.

Ian photoWhenever I see a commercial or print ad I consider innovative, my first thought is, “Hats off to them, but how on earth did they get the client to approve that approach?” I also have the same thought when I see the really poor advertising that permeates today’s advertising, but my hat stays on. It would be wonderful to see more innovative design and fresher marketing approaches in our profession. However, because of the ROI pressure and the bottom line, “there's nothing new under the sun” has become an industry mantra.

- Ian Crockett, President ICE Advertising, Professor at California State Fullerton College of Communications

Connect with Ian Crockett on:

LinkedIn: Ian Crockett

Website: Ice Advertising, Inc.

As you can see, everyone has their own outlook on innovative design. It's all about the personal perspective of the designer. Share your take on innovative design in   the comments below.

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